Control Your Destiny - A Practical Guide to Success for Today's Student Athletes
Help your student athletes prepare for life after sports!
If you know high school or college student athletes who could use some proven, practical life skills success tips to give them a jump start towards achieving their dreams and goals - a copy of  Control Your Destiny- A Practical Guide to Success for Today's Student Athletes is the perfect solution! 
My new book teaches student athletes how to set and acheive realistic goals, enhance communication skills, improve their image and more in order to prepare for life after sports!  I have also included success stories of former student athletes who are now excelling in their careers - off the field.
The purpose of this guide is to teach student athletes how to balance academics with athletics, develop leadership skills and create a life of significance. Control Your Destiny is filled with  "real life" success tips (the BASICS) to help student athletes achieve the kind of lasting, self-fulfilling success that they deserve!
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See what others are saying about my new book:
"If college student athletes will embrace the information in Control Your Destiny, I strongly believe they will experience a higher level of academic success.  Dewayne has done an excellent job incorporating personal stories to illustrate his points for success."
                                                                                                                              - Ray Berryhill
                                                                                    Assistant Athletic Director, Academics
                                                                                                      Mississippi State University
"Every university in the country should be required to issue each student athlete two things upon admission: their official student ID and a copy of Control Your Destiny. This is more than a book! This is the official play book on how to become a leader and create a life of significance!"
                                                                                                                 -Tim Davis
                                                                                               Certified Speaker, Trainer and
                                                                                                          Coach with John Maxwell
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Control Your Destiny Book Interview
Former MSU Linebacker, H. DeWayne King, writes a book for Student Athletes!